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Growth assessment is our specially designed method to discover your growth potential according to your idiosyncrasy.

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You can pick your time and location to your heart desires since our assessment program conducted online.

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Our assessment program is designed specifically to suit your needs. Tell us what you need, let us do the rest. It includes tailor-made assessments and reports.

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Assessment is the first step in discovering your optimal potential. We’d be happy to be your partner in achieving your goals through Growth Management Framework.

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Getting a complete picture of what you're capable of is a perfect starting point to know your growth potential.


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"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are"
- Carl Jung

"After signing up for the complete package of Growth Center’s assessment, I’ve discovered what area I excel at in this VUCA times. I know where I should be headed to further my potential so that I can increase my impact in my workplace."

"Assessments provided by Growth Center are data-driven and standardized, meaning the results are objective and valid. Furthermore, feedback in the assessment reports are specific so that we can further develop our talent with clear directions and goals."

"I was given the opportunity to try the Traits and Competency Assessment provided by Growth Center. I want to say that they do a really good job. Now I understand more about my strengths and areas I have to improve. It’s crucial to my self-improvement journey."

"The ecosystem assessment was an insightful experience which provided review helpful for Corporate setting, specific for Business development related roles. It enabled us to identify the capabilities of each of our team members and areas for growth."

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Our consultants are veterans when it comes to discover your growth potential. In 7+ years of experiences they helped individuals to grow and reach their optimal potential.

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Tools to get to know you

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"
- Aristotle

Traits Assessment

Traits are a consistent pattern of the mind, feelings, and behavior of an individual. Learn more about traits assessment or take the assessment on our partner's platform, (Klob ID required).

Competency Assessment

Competency is a set of qualities that enable an individual to perform in certain roles based on collaboration and impact. Our competency assessment is available on request. Request below or learn more.

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