Our Team.

Andrea Lusi Anari

COO Growth Center

Growing needs transparency, iteration, and resiliency. We are your partner in the process of discovering and being the best version of yourself.

Arki Sudito

CEO Growth Center

We help people find their courage to grow according to their idiosyncrasy, in order to make positive impact.

Muhammad Irham Ramadhan

Lead Creative Solution

Reaching your ultimate potential has never been easier.

Ervan Avrianto

Lead Developement Solution

The process of learning must be collaborative and inclusive to achieve the greatest impact.

Febe Kinawa Panggua

Growth Center Consultant

We're not just a consultant, we're your growing partner. Empathy as our main strength, we understand your wants and needs.

Gracia Tobing

Growth Center Consultant

We help our partners grow according to their idiosyncrasy using our growth assessment and development program.

Morina Yuandari

Growth Center Consultant

I learn from our partners as much they learn from our growth assessment program.

Alistair Tody

Growth Center Consultant

Everyone has the potential to grow, but very few can turn it into kinetic energy and the momentum to grow.

Fransisca Venny

CMO Growth Center

Enlightening your path to your best self using our growth assessment and development program.

Edricko Janitra Nathalim

Growth Center Consultant

We are your collaborative partner to find grounded and impactful solution.

Venny Fransisca

I would like to help people to get to know their path or journey towards their goal. In order to do that, we help them through getting a complete picture of what are their strengths and what area should they improve on. On a bigger scale, if an organization know what their employees growth trajectory are, they able to facilitate their growth according to their idiosyncrasy.

Gracia Tobing

What I do here is aligned with my purpose: creating psychometric instruments, simulations, and competency dictionary. I want to help people know themselves better objectively so that they can maximize their potential and help them perform in organizational settings. From people we assess I always learned something new, something fresh, a new perspective. It grows me.

Morina Yuandary

For the course of being an assessor, I met a lot of people from various educational background and occupation. Not only I helped them know themselves better, I also learned a lot of things from them. It's fulfilling. With Growth Assessment we provide, people can get insights of what area they excel on and area they should improve that, perhaps, previously unknown to them. This assessment serves as a foundation to optimizing their growth and achieve their maximum potential.

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