Meet Our Team
Arki Sudito
Visioning and Making Things Happen!
CEO of Growth Center
"I’m here to help people to find the courage to start the journey to be the best version of themselves in order to make this world a more inclusive and better place"
Andrea Lusi Anari
Nurturing People and Business
COO of Growth Center
"Redefine rules by giving rooms to grow"
Bagus Semara Wima
Compliance Developed and implemented
Managing Director LPP Growth Center
"We help people to understand their level of competencies in all function and business."
Ervan Avrianto
Fire people with enthusiasm to be lifelong learners
Lead Development Solution
"Being Gandalf, connecting different perspectives to energize collaboration."
Febe Kinawa
Enabling collaboration through people connection
Engagement Lead
"Enlightened to enlighten. Helping people to grow by understanding themselves better, so they can do the same for others."
M. Irham Ramadhan
Manifesting your vision through audiovisual crafts.
Content Production Lead
"Through eyes and ears I move people for the better."
Aurelia Christania R.
Building product & brand for the better you
Associate Product Manager & Branding Analyst
"Here to bring impacts and assist your growth journey. Encourage you to become the best version of yourself."
Ryan Pradipta Suryadi
Makes learning, not studying
Associate Learning Course Content Lead
"Empowering others tomake everyone believe they can be more than what they think"
Sabina Citra H
Bringing the joy of learning on your growth journey
Learning Deployment & Insight Lead
"Helping people to understand themselves, to learn, to find insight, and to grow better in their life journey."
Veri Andrian
Providing Helicopter View for Stakeholder
Data Analyst Freelance
"Finding, Building, and Sharing big Insight, starting from small B2 Cell"
Michael Andreas B. R.
Creating content to help people learn and grow further
Videographer & Video Editor Freelance
"Helping people to learn and know their goal for their own journey"
Kiki Budi Santoso
Help and process content into videos
Videographer & Video Editor Freelance
"Contribute and help to achieve goals"
Rachel Rosetanya
Genuinely help people to do the right thing at the right time and establish a solid relationship in diversity
HR Expertise Legal & Engagement Analyst
"Encourage humans to appreciate their worth, build trust, and found art in solving problems"
Sitta Zahra Maulida
Develop content to help people grow and embrace their uniqueness
Engagement Analyst
"Build a safe space for others to grow and embrace themself"
Jihan Aulia Zahra
Making words by words be more efficient and meaningful to read
Content Writer & Editor
"Helping people become the best version of themselves through writing"
Ratna Rahmawati
Create effective and engaging online learning experiences.
Learning Course Project Manager
"Making your online learning as active & dynamic as it was face-to-face"
Luqman Fajar
Help turn great ideas into audiovisual crafts
Production Assistant
"Spreading great ideas with the power of audiovisual crafts"
Jenifer Priscilla
Creating a visual graphic content to communicate ideas that inform, inspire, and attract audience attention.
Creative Designer
"Helping audience to understand the point of message through visuals"
Visualize information and concept by developing it into a design
Creative Designer
"Entertain people with a little creativity"
Bramanto Ranggamukti
Connecting joy and measurement with technology
Technology Product Lead
"Giving Flashy Assist for A Game Winning Dunk! I will be the best version of myself to assisst you to be the best version of yourself"
Elvira Tantri
Communicate and simplify complex ideas by creating visual content
Visual Creative Lead
"Encourage people to learn things and keep iterating"
Andari Reksi
Helps making sense of data
HR Data Analyst
"Encourage others to re-learn & discover new things"
Aviana Handoko
Giving people a chance to discover themselves better
People Discovery Analyst
"Inspire people to be more than they thought they could be and make a difference"
Arista Nugrahini
To find and attract the best talents, and also to facilitate the development of professional competences
Compliance Development Lead
"Like gardening, I am a gardener who is involved in selecting, laying, and helping the seeds to grow by conducting recruitment and compliance's development initiatives"
Venny Fransisca
Responsible for different kind of Psychological and Competency Assessments
Assessment Specialist
"Help people discover the best version of themselves through Psychological and Competency Assessments"
Gabriella Dwi Hapsari
Handle the process with care, more organized and as expected
Engagement Freelance
"Assist you to be the best version of your self. Not compare with other people but compare with your past and present"
Filbert Agrata Setiawan
Creating content and operate live streaming to growth and discover a potential
Video Editor, Videographer and Live Streaming Operator
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new - Albert Eistein"
Maxellino Putra Wijaya
Creating e-course visual concepts to communicate information.
Creative Designer
"Deliver message through creativity"
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